The NSI2000 Software is the most advanced and comprehensive antenna measurement software available today. Running on a large number of installed systems and field-tested daily by an active community of experienced users, the NSI2000 software represents a combination of experience and technology that stands ready to solve your toughest antenna measurement challenges. NSI2000 is a 32-bit multi-tasking Windows application that runs under Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10 and provides an excellent array of features that take advantage of the recent advances in operating system technologies.
NSI is continuously improving and updating our software to provide you with the tools you need. NSI2000 includes a 3-D viewer that can be used to inspect near-field and far-field data in a 3-D dynamic mode. NSI also offers a multitude of software add-ons to provide enhanced capability and these are depicted below. This diagram shows how the various additions to NSI2000 apply to the PNF, CNF, SNF or FF codes as contained within NSI2000.



The following notes apply:

  • NSI2000 (Standard Edition) is delivered with all NSI test systems and is at the heart of the software being offered. This package spans all four measurement domains and presents the user with a uniform interface. NSI2000 also controls acquisition and interfaces to all mechanical and RF hardware required to make a measurement.
  • AntennaViz is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and also applies to all four measurement domains. AntennaViz does not orchestrate any acquisition and is a processing and visualization package.
  • NSI2000 Professional Edition is offered as an option to NSI2000 and applies to all four measurement domains, although some capabilities only apply to certain coordinate systems. This software offers the following capabilities:
  • Scripting programming environment
  • Structure correction (PNF & SNF only)
  • Probe file probe correction (PNF & SNF only)
  • Automated system alignment verification (SNF only)
  • Mars the Mathematical Absorber Reflection Suppression (MARS) software is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and also applies to all four measurement domains. MARS does not orchestrate any acquisition and is a post processing capability.
  • EIRP is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and only applies to SNF and PNF systems. (Extra hardware required)
  • SFD is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and only applies to PNF systems. (Extra hardware required)
  • Plane Polar is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and only applies to PNF systems. (Extra hardware required)
  • MTI is delivered as an option to NSI2000 and only applies to PNF systems


NSI2000 software features and capabilities:




Each system is delivered with one of the following modules; Optionally additional modules can be purchased.

  • Planar near-field
  • Cylindrical near-field
  • Spherical near-field
  • Far-field


  • Manual and Automatic scan set-up
  • Continuous or stop motion scans
  • Bidirectional Scans
  • Automatic scan speed optimization
  • Automated dwell time optimization
  • Manual axis motion control
  • Drift Check
  • Stability plot
  • Multibeam setup
  • Multifrequency measurements Multi-axis control
  • Real time display (amplitude and phase)
  • Live SNR display


  • Near-field to Far-field transforms:
    Planar (rectilinear and polar)
  • Coordinate systems:
    K-space (Planar only)
    Theta-phi and many others
  • Linear and Circular polarization displayed
  • Power and axial ratio displayed
  • Probe position compensation
  • K-Correction (Planar only)
  • Available polarization definitions for planar SW:
    Ludwig-3 (Eh, Ev)
    Ludwig-2 (Eaz/Eel)
    Ludwig-2 (Eel/Eaz)
    Ludwig-2 (Eq/Ef)
  • Probe Correction Models:
    None,   Open-ended waveguide, Cosine

   Pattern file correction (only professional ed.)

  • Aperture truncation and tapering (Planar only)
  • Network correction


  • Antenna patterns of: Amplitude,  Phase,  Principal, Pol and Cross-pol , Axial Ratio
  • Type: Linear, polar
  • 2D plots (pattern cuts)
  • Drag and drop Overlay and plot subtraction
  • Contours
  • Images (false color checker-board)
  • Hologram
  • 3D display
  • Listings


  • Gain
  • Directivity
  • Beamwidth
  • Efficiency
  • Peak, and location of peak
  • Side lobe level analysis
  • Polarization
  • Axial Ratio and Tau angle


  • Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Hardcopy output


  • Plot management
  • Holographic imaging (back projection)
  • Beam steering control
  • Unit conversion toggle (SI, Imperial, Wavelength)
  • Bidirectional scan with triggering compensation
  • Dual pin switch control (up to 256 ports)
  • Multi-beam plotting capability
  • Beam table Excel import/export
  • Scan recovery
  • RF stability plot analysis
  • Fully Documented
  • Marker mode




Optional addition to the NSI 2000 standard edition.

  • Scripting capabilities with built-in script tool kit
  • Full customization using scripts and sub-scripts
  • Measured probe pattern correction
  • Active test procedures
  • Link to 3rd Party software (Office, Matlab,..)
  • Spherical NF alignment automation
  •  Dynamic structure correction

  • Auto Phase center determination
  • Beam pointing calculator
  • NSI Script Library
  • Automated null depth capability
  • Automated boresighting (pointing) analysis
  • Data file editing via Excel
  • Rotating linear CP capability


  • Motion Tracking Interferometer (MTI)
  • Mathematical Absorber Reflection Suppression (MARS)
  • Pulsed applications
  • Interface to active electronically scanned array (AESA) antennas
  • Structure and planarity correction



  • Next Generation of NSI´s Industry Leading Processing Software
  • State of the Art Object Oriented Software Architecture
  • Optimized for Large and Complex Data Sets
  • Ideal for Data Intensive Applications like Digital Beam Forming (DBF) and Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Antennas
  • Advanced 3D Plotting and Processing Features for Analyzing Antenna Parameters
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • ”Movie” mode – A Novel Way to Analyze Multi-beam, Multi-frequency Data
  • Database Driven with a Full Range of Data Sorting, Filtering and User Queries
  • Save and Restore Processed Far-field and Hologram Results to Database
  • Full Processing Capability for Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical Near-field and Far-field
  • Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Files and Beams
  • Multiple Dockable Windows for Database, Plots, and Data
  • Multi-core, Multi-threaded Processing







Scripting Tool

Beam Table