NSI Products

NSI was founded in 1988 with the goal to provide commercially available and affordable near-field antenna measurement systems to address the needs of the antenna measurement community. Today, NSI is the world leader in designing, building and delivering high-accuracy antenna measurement and test systems. NSI continually strives to provide the highest quality products at the lowest cost and back them up with the highest levels of customer support. This policy has enabled NSI to consistently provide unparalleled support anywhere in the world. This track record of quick response, on-time delivery, and strong customer commitment is reflected in the 50% of our business that comes from repeat customers. It is reflected in NSI's strong customer referrals. Go to Near-field 101 to learn more about the theory of near-field antenna measurements.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area, NSI has access to some of the foremost antenna and microwave experts in the industry. NSI personnel have in excess of 400 work years of experience in the design, development, implementation, and operation of far-field and near-field systems. NSI has delivered more than 450 antenna measurement systems worldwide including more delivered near-field systems than all of our competitors combined. From the experience and knowledge gained in delivering antenna test systems to industry leaders in communications and radar systems worldwide, NSI is in a unique position to address your specific requirements and provide you with a total system solution that meets or exceeds your present specifications. NSI offers a complete line of state of the art antenna measurement products and services including:

Small & Medium Horizontal & Vertical Scanners

  • Wide range of sizes suitable for many applications
  • Ideal for small facilities to test medium and high gain antennas
  • Portable and easy to setup in different configuration
  • Facilitates testing at higher frequencies

Large Horizontal & Vertical Scanners

  • Preferred supplier of large, turnkey near-field systems
  • Ideal for large satellite production testing
  • Excellent speed and throughput in production environment

Custom Scanners

  • Highly innovative techniques for specialized applications
  • Tiltable scanners for matching aperture angles
  • Enclosed, shielded systems for shipboard testing
  • Sub-millimeter wave designs - frequencies up to 1 THz


NSI's products and capabilities are summarized in
a 16-page PDF format brochure.