Distributed Frequency Converter

Distributed Frequency Converter (DFC)

The NSI Distributed Frequency Converter is used in Panther RF systems to convert RF signals to IF signals that can be measured by the Panther receiver. The DFC design includes several improvements over alternate solutions, such as :

- Support for very long LO cables, up to 100 ft, for fundamental mixing at 18 GHz

- Test and reference LO cables can have different lengths

- Only one cable to connect each remote mixer to the LO/IF Unit


For systems based on network analyzer instead of the Panther receiver, adding a DFC can dramatically improve the system dynamic range. Benefits of the DFC include:

- Minimization of RF cable losses, especially at 40 and 50 GHz

- Easy interface to mm-wave modules

- No flexing of expensive high-frequency cables


The DFC is available as a set (LO/IF Unit plus two mixer modules) or as individual components.

One LO/IF Unit is required for each system.

NSI Model Number

Distributed Frequency Converter Sets

NSI-RF-5940 The NSI-RF-5940 consists of an LO/IF unit and two 1-26.5 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5941 The NSI-RF-5941 consists of an LO/IF unit and two 0.1-6 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5942 The NSI-RF-5942 consists of an LO/IF unit and two 1-40 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5943 The NSI-RF-5943 consists of an LO/IF unit and two 1-50 GHz mixer modules
Distributed Frequency Converter Components
NSI-RF-5945 DFC, LO/IF Unit
NSI-RF-5946 DFC, 1-26.5 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5947 DFC, 0.1-6 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5948 DFC, 1-40 GHz mixer modules
NSI-RF-5949 DFC, Mixer interface modules
NSI-RF-5950 DFC, 1-50 GHz mixer modules