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TRW 40'x30' Horizontal NF Scanner
NSI delivered a 40' x 30' horizontal NF Scanner to TRW for use in testing the payload antennas for the 4 Astrolink satellites. The system operates up to 50 GHz and can scan in planar, plane-polar, and tilted plane-polar modes to measure any of the apertures on the Astrolink satellite.
Galtronics Spherical NF measurement system
NSI was awarded a contract to build two state-of-the-art spherical nearfield measurement systems for Galtronics, a producer of cell-phone antennas. The system provides complete spherical measurements of the antenna with or without human body mockups.
JPL 8' x 8' NF measurement system
NSI designed and delivered an 8' x 8' scanner to JPL for use in qualifying the MLS satellite antenna. The scanner provides a highly accurate plane (3 ┬Ám rms) for measuring the performance of the MLS antennna. The scanner uses a high precision electronic tiltmeter measurements and a active heat control system to achieve its performance.
NSI 300V-18x18 Vertical Planar NF scanner
NSI delivered an 18' x 18' vertical planar scanner to Raytheon for use at the Tobyhanna test station for testing the Firefinder radar antennas
NSI Astrium (Matra Marconi) Spherical NF system

Copyright EADS Astrium

NSI upgraded the Matra Marconi (Astrium) Spherical Near-field range to provide enhanced performance and improved software capabilities for testing the Inmarsat 4 satellite.
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