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10/15/2014 NSI Newsletter, Oct 15, 2014.
2/10/2014 NSI Newsletter, Feb 10, 2014.
9/20/2013 NSI Newsletter, Sep 20, 2013.
4/5/2013 NSI Newsletter, April 5, 2013.
10/17/2012 NSI Newsletter, October 17, 2012.
12/20/2011 NSI Newsletter, December 20, 2011.
10/21/2011 Photos of AMTA 2011 now showing.
6/20/2011 NSI Newsletter, June 20, 2011.
10/13/2010 NSI's Kim Hassett selected as AMTA President for 2011! Photos of AMTA 2010 now showing.
10/8/2010 NSI Newsletter, October 8, 2010.
8/30/2010 Article on Millimeter Wave Near-Field Antenna Testing featured in August 2010 issue of Microwave Product Digest.
7/21/2010 Istanbul Microwave Test Center (IMTC) installed a 300V-12x12 near-field scanner and Panther 50 GHz RF system into their commercial test facility.
6/30/2010 NSI adds dBm Marketing as new Rep for Southeastern US.
6/15/2010 NSI Newsletter, June 15, 2010.
3/5/2010 NSI holds 2010 Near-field Short Course March 2 - 5.
2/10/2010 NSI Newsletter, February 10,2010.
1/31/2010 Article on NSI's Distributed RF Systems featured in January 2010 issue of Microwave Product Digest.
1/31/2010 NSI's new Arch Roll Spherical Near-field System featured in January 2010 issue of Microwave Journal (pdf version).
12/31/2009 Greg Hindman offers his ''View From The Top'' in Microwave Product Digest featured article.
11/6/2009 NSI had a great showing at AMTA 2009 in Salt Lake City, UT, Nov 1-6, 2009. NSI demonstrated live systems including the NSI-700S-90 spherical near-field, the NSI-200V-3x3 PCS near-field and the NSI-700S-10 spherical near-field system.
11/6/2009 NSI presents six technical papers at AMTA 2009.
11/1/2009 NSI Newsletter, November 1, 2009.
10/31/2009 NSI's Daniel Janse van Rensburg featured in Microwave Product Digest 'In My Opinion' column.
10/09/2009 NSI's Stuart Gregson is elected Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (United Kingdom) for the significant contributions he has made to the field of antenna measurements in industry and academia.
9/14/2009 NSI's Daniel Janse van Rensburg presented "Sub-millimeter Wave Planar Near-field Antenna Testing" at the recent AMTA US Regional Event. NSI was an exhibitor and key sponsor for this year's one-day event held on Sept 14th in Baltimore, MD. Click here to see photos from this event and other AMTA events.
7/13/2009 NSI Newsletter, July 13, 2009.
3/6/2009 NSI held the annual Near-field Short Course March 3 - 6. Click here for details.
1/26/2009 NSI Newsletter, January 26, 2009.
11/30/2008 NSI paper chosen as AMTA 2008 Best Paper, "Conical Near-Field Antenna Measurements" by Greg Hindman and Stuart Gregson.
11/30/2008 NSI presented seven technical papers at AMTA 2008. Three of the seven were chosen as AMTA 2008 Best Papers.
11/20/2008 Greg Hindman received the AMTA 2008 Edmond S. Gillespie Fellowship Award for outstanding and pioneering contributions to the theory, practice and art of antenna and RF measurements.
11/3/2008 NSI Newsletter, November 3, 2008
6/16/2008 NSI Newsletter, June 16, 2008
3/27/2008 NSI held the annual Near-field Short Course March 25 - 27. Click here for details.
2/8/2008 A new book, "Principles of Planar Near-field Antenna Measurements", co-authored by NSI's Dr. Stuart Gregson is available.
1/8/2008 NSI Paper chosen as a Best of AMTA 2007 paper, see Stuart Gregson's, "The Use of Statistical Image Classification...".
1/8/2008 NSI Newsletter, January 8, 2008
1/15/2008 NSI Paper chosen as Best of AMTA 2007, see Stuart Gregson's, "The Use of Statistical Image Classification as a Convergence Criteria in Phaseless Near-Field Antenna Measurements"
12/17/2007 NSI Newsletter, December 17, 2007
8/29/2007 NSI Newsletter, August 29, 2007
5/31/2007 2nd NSI-700S-90 OTA system in Taiwan certified as CTIA Authorized Test Lab at at QuieTek Corp.
5/8/2007 NSI and EMV GmbH jointly held a European Users Group meeting on near-field antenna testing.
3/28/2007 NSI held a Near-field Short Course at the NSI facility 28-30 March. It's not too late to sign up for the 2008 NSI Short Course.
2/14/2007 Two NSI Papers chosen as Best of AMTA 2006, see Greg Hindman's "Simplified Spherical NF Accuracy..." and Stuart Gregson's "Full Sphere Far-Field Antenna Patterns..." Greg's paper is featured in AMTA Corner of the Feb 2007 APS Magazine, p. 223.
2/13/2007 NSI Newsletter, February 13 , 2007
1/12/2007 NSI 700S-90 system at Ben-Q in Taiwan gets CTIA certification.
10/30/2006 NSI's Daniel Janse van Rensburg selected as AMTA president for 2007! Photos and Videos of AMTA 2006 now showing.
10/30/2006 Chosen as a Best Paper of AMTA 2005, see John Demas' "Low Cost and High Accuracy Alignment Methods for Cylindrical and Spherical Near-Field Measurement Systems". in the AMTA Oct 06 newsletter.
10/22/2006 NSI Newsletter, October 22, 2006
9/5/2006 Donnie Gray presents paper at the Antenna Systems 2006 Conference, Sept 5-7.
7/25/2006 Daniel Janse van Rensburg lectures at UCLA Short Course.
7/21/2006 NSI exhibits at the AMTA Colloquium and Exhibition in Denver, CO, 21 July 2006.
7/15/2006 NSI Newsletter, July 15, 2006
7/9/2006 NSI exhibits at the IEEE AP-S International Symposium in Albuquerque, NM, 9-14 July 2006.
5/1/2006 NSI Presents two Technical Papers at AMTA Europe 2006 on Reflection Suppression and Cell Phone Testing.
5/1/2006 The first AMTA Europe Symposium was held in Munich - May 1-4, 2006.
3/22/2006 Dr. Stuart Gregson joins NSI as European Regional Sales Manager
1/16/2006 Northrop Grumman Earns National Acclaim for Manufacturing Practices using Near-field Production Test Cells supplied by NSI.

NSI Article Published in rfglobalnet.com

Reflection Suppression In Large Spherical Near-Field Range 11/30/2005, by Greg Hindman, Allen Newell

11/1/2005 NSI Newsletter, November 1, 2005
10/30/2005 NSI participates in AMTA 2005
8/15/2005 NSI To Supply Scanner for NRAO ALMA Program
6/8/2005 NSI participates in AMTA Asia 2005
5/10/2005 Spherical near-field system for CTIA OTA testing

Adex Aerospace and Han De Co., Ltd. to represent NSI in South Korea

4/20/2005 Greg Hindman presents at local IEEE APS meeting
7/15/2004 NASA launches Aura Satellite 
7/8/2004 Adex Aerospace, Inc. has been selected to represent Nearfield Systems in Korea. Click here for more information on Adex Aerospace.
4/20/2004 NSI teamed with Wavepro to give a two-day 800F-10 Users Seminar that was hoted by Wavepro in Taipei, Taiwan. The seminar consisted of four sessions – two given by Wavepro (one on far-field systems and CTIA specs; and the other Q&A w/ live demos); one by Donnie Gray (spherical systems – including the “new” PCS spherical design), and one by Quang Ton (in depth user functionality). The seminar was a big success and it introduced our new spherical design. Click here for pictures from the seminar.
1/31/2004 NSI's Panther Receiver was reviewed in this month's issue of Microwave Journal magazine. The article is available in both HTML and PDF formats.
10/19/2003 Nearfield Systems had the opportunity to host the 2003 Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) convention in Irvine, California. The event was a huge success! Click here for more information.
11/4/2002 NSI again exhibited its latest products and capabilities at the 2002 Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) in Cleveland, Ohio. To see pix of our booth and some of the AMTA events, click here.
4/23/2002 Nearfield Systems Inc. (NSI) has signed an Exclusive Representative Agreement with WELL GENIUS TECHNOLOGY LTD. WELL GENIUS will provide sales and technical support for NSI's business in China. WELL GENIUS maintains its head office in Hong Kong and maintains branch offices in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shaghai. See the WELL GENIUS web site at www.wellgenius.com.
10/22/2001 NSI is at AMTA '01. Lots of fun stuff to see and do, Check it out. During the Tuesday business lunch, member Bill Wysock gave a talk on Nikolas Tesla's activity in Colorado and demonstrated his Tesla coil to the membership. Sparks were flying!! (3mb .MOV clip)
3/1/2001 NSI has announced the opening of their European Sales & Support Office located in The Netherlands. This announcement demonstrates NSI's commitment to its existing customers in Europe and the rapidly expanding local antenna test industry. See entire press release.
10/15/2000 NSI announces joint contract with The Howland Company to provide a Wireless Antenna Measurement Chamber for Galtronics Inc. A complete chamber and measurement system is being provided by NSI and The Howland Company. See entire press release.
2/17/2000 Today, Nearfield Systems Inc.(NSI), completed its first intensive Near-field Training Course. There were 28 attendees from the USA and Europe......The whole story is here.
4/6/1999 NSI's 2x2 scanner was successfully used today to verify the XPAA X-band phased array antenna that will be part of the EO-1 satellite being integrated at Swales. This will be the first steerable space-born phased array antenna used for downlink communications.

Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI) has received ISO 9001 Registration effective February 23, 1999 for its organization and manufacturing of antenna measurement products. ISO 9001 is a rigorous certification program based on international quality standards. The ISO 9001 Certificate qualifies and validates the company's current ability to deliver the highest quality products and customer service. NSI is committed to continuous process improvement that is integral to ISO 9000 quality procedures. We believe our customers are certain to benefit from this commitment.

What does ISO 9001 mean? ISO Registration states that NSI has achieved full control over the quality of its products, including the design, development, manufacturing, verification, and servicing of its automated antenna measurement products and services. If you would like to discuss product information with one of our sales people, contact us at sales@nearfield.com.

2/2/1999 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI) successfully passed the final ISO9001 registration audit on 27 January 1999. NSI expects to receive their certificate by March 1999. Check out the whole story.
10/23/1998 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as HP's single Channel Partner for all antenna test solutions. Check out the whole story.
8/25/98 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI) has announced a new high precision 6' by 6' near-field antenna measurement system capable of measuring antenna apertures up to 6' in diameter over a frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz. The new 6' by 6' system uses stepper motors and a rack and pinion drive system to position a measurement probe to an accuracy of 0.001" rms over the 6' by 6' scan plane. The system is available for both planar and cylindrical test capabilities. Contact NSI for more information at sales@nearfield.com.
8/25/98 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI) has appointed Hi-Peak Technical Sales to represent its antenna measurement products and services. Hi-Peak will cover CT, VT, MA, NH, ME, NY, and RI. For additional information, please contact Bob Higgins at Hi-Peak at 603-673-1862.
3/20/1998 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI), Carson, CA, is pleased to announce that Daniël Janse van Rensburg has joined the company as a consultant. He has 11 years of technical experience in the areas of microwave antenna measurement systems, computational electromagnetics and antenna design, analysis and manufacturing for space applications, and has published numerous reports, articles and papers. As NSI 's Senior Applications Engineer, Daniël Janse van Rensburg will provide technical and marketing support for NSI in Europe and Canada.
1/8/1998 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI), Carson, CA, has signed Matrix Engineering Inc.(Baltimore, MD; 410-653-5500) as an exclusive Representative as of January 1, 1998. Matrix will represent NSI's full line of antenna measurement products in the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland regions.
2/14/1997 Nearfield Systems Incorporated (NSI), Carson, CA, is pleased to announce that Allen C. Newell has joined the company as a consultant. He has led a prestigious career in the near-field antenna measurement field, and published numerous reports and papers on the subject of near-field measurements. He served as Group Leader of the NIST Antenna Metrology Group and as the Division Chief of the Electromagnetic Fields Division. Mr. Newell will be working with NSI on continuous improvement of near-field antenna measurement techniques, system and software design for the company's products and services. It is expected he will also play a role on system installation validations.