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About NSI

Nearfield Systems Inc. (NSI) is a high technology company located in the greater Los Angeles area that manufactures instrumentation used to measure the RF performance characteristics of microwave radio antennas. Types of products measured include antennas for personal communications systems, military radar and communications, and spacecraft antennas. Delivered systems operate over a frequency range of 0.5 to 950 GHz. NSI also manufactures systems for microwave imaging of anechoic chambers. NSI is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

NSI near-field measurement systems typically consist of a computer controlled robotic scanner, measurement computer, data measurement and analysis software, the RF subsystem and related hardware. Once setup, the system automatically positions a microwave field probe over the aperture of a test antenna and measures the amplitude and phase of the radiated signal. The data is then processed by the NSI software using Fourier transform techniques to produce far-field radiation patterns. This process is further described at Near-field 101 and in the three text books that NSI engineers have written.

A brief overview of NSI products and capabilities is available for download in our 16 page brochure.

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